what does espresso corp do?

Espresso Corp focuses on developing and investing in innovative products and services which solve problems throughout the global coffee industry. Our first product the Coffee Catcha was born out of the problem of coffee grind wastage and the need for dosage consistency translating to coffee quality consistency. The Coffee Catcha has patents in multiple countries and is being used by thousands of professional baristas (and at home baristas) all around the world. Espresso Corp has set up resellers in 20+ countries and continues expanding into new markets.

Our founder Steve Guinness has built up an outstanding Rolodex of senior contacts through the global coffee market - many of whom are now mates. Espresso Corp are always interested to hear new ideas where we can leverage our networks and understanding of the coffee value chain internationally.

Espresso Corporation Limited in a New Zealand company.

What I love most about the Catcha is hearing our customers say that they use it every day and can’t live without it.

Steve guinness, director & inventor

Guinness is an entrepreneur with a huge passion for coffee. After inventing the Coffee Catcha, sorting high quality manufacturing and validating the product by selling the first thousand units within the first year, Guinness now focuses on servicing existing resellers, fulfilling web orders and his favorite part - jet setting around the world selling the Coffee Catcha in new markets.

Guinness loves meeting new people in the global coffee industry (and catching up with old faces). A few of the international coffee events he has attended include: WBC's in Bogota 2011 (where he sold his first 500 units to the Colombians!), Vienna 2012, Melbourne 2013, Seattle 2015; HOST, Europe’s biggest hospitality trade fair in Milan 2011, 2013; Trieste Espresso Expo, Italy’s most important coffee trade fair, 2012; London Coffee Festival 2013; World of Coffee, Nice 2013; Caffe Culture London 2011, 2012, 2013. Guinness has also traveled to a few coffee farms in Central America, toured espresso manufacturers factories in Italy and USA and visited dozens of roasters and accessory resellers all around the world.

Guinness also invests in and works with tech companies helping them grow from an idea to raising capital, growing teams and taking businesses international. He has a Master of Management and Bachelor of Engineering (Hons - Mech).


first media - how the coffee catcha was born

This article tells the story of how Guinness came up with the idea for a Coffee Catcha - based on a problem within the New Zealand coffee industry. Check out the link to see how the first prototype was "hacksawed" (cut) out of a muffin tray! 

Idealog Magazine, Feb 2011