Does the coffee catcha slow me down?

No. Professional baristas making 700+ coffees per day are actually saying that it speeds up the process. Of course it takes a week or two max for the Coffee Catcha to become part of the habbitual coffee making process, but then it's easy to use. Baristas also say that it saves time on clean up.

The Coffee Catcha has been designed to be easily taken on and off the portifilter. Hundreds of hours of product development with a dozen or more professional baristas went into getting the usability just right before the Coffee Catcha was launched.

Please watch the videos to see how the Coffee Catcha doesn't slow down the process.

Where's the proof around the Coffee Catcha saving money?

Cafes are wasting on average 8% of their coffee grinds due to spillage on the bench / counter. That equates to a loss of $2-10k per year. We have hundreds of cafes telling us about their savings. Prior to launching the Coffee Catcha, we carried out professional trials to figure our the average wastage figure. We used some of the busiest cafes in Wellington, New Zealand for our trials including Caffe L'affare.

What should i do with the handle of the coffee catcha?

Coffee Catcha Before Using

How come the coffee catcha does not fit under my mazzer grinder?

Coffee Catcha with La Marzocco & Mazzer

Note also that this applies with using the 54mm Coffee Catcha and La San Marco portafilter.

Does the Coffee Catcha have a patent?

Yes. We have patents around the world including US20110303321A1.

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