The Coffee Catcha reduces coffee grind wastage saving a cafe money. It also helps barista to dose more consistently which increase coffee quality consistency (something your your customers of course love!) This works well when multiple baristas are making coffees as they can now all dose the same amount. The Coffee Catcha is used by thousands of baristas in cafes all around the world. It is a true must have companion tool for barista efficiency.


My cafe is a mobile bike and on windy days its brutal how much coffee is wasted. The Coffee Catcha is a barrier for the wind. I have seen immediate results in waste reduction - it saves me a lot of money. It took me two days to get used to using it and now I cant live without it!
Great product!!
— Trevor Holness, Marley Bike Caffe (Vancouver, Canada)
We have 250 barista across 25 cafes using the Coffee Catcha. We save 4.5 ton of coffee and over $100k per year because of the Coffee Catcha. It’s one of those simple things that you wish you had invented!
— Steve Gianoutsos, Mojo Coffee Cartel (Wellington, New Zealand)
When you are pulling 80-100 shots an hour, it’s ridiculously consistent!
— Steve Lim, @figtreecoffee, Coffee Fest World Latte Art Champion 2015 (USA)
I purchased a “Coffee Catcha” a few months back after seeing it in use at a local cafe. Not only have we seen a huge reduction in wasted coffee grinds but we’ve seen an improvement in dosing consistency. I would highly recommend the Coffee Catcha to other barista coffee sites.
— Jen, BP 2GO (Tauhara, New Zealand)
Redeem customers by having consistent coffee. Reduce costs. The investment is worth it.
— Bobby Toh, La Ristrettos Cafe (Singapore)
Going back to not having one (after moving cafes) was hell - so it feels good to be back (after buying a new one)!
— Nick Lange, Basita & owner of Coco Espresso (New Zealand)