The Coffee Catcha is a dosing funnel used by thousands of baristas around the world. It's unique design fits on top of the portafilter basket (rather than inside it) making it easy to use in high speed cafe environments. The Coffee Catcha has been designed to work with any baristas existing dosing & tamping styles - and it only takes a couple of days of using it before the Coffee Catcha becomes part of any baristas routine.

the benefits

  • Save money by eliminating coffee grind wastage
  • Increase quality consistency as you dose the same amount of coffee every time
  • Eliminate mess on the bench top

how it works

The Coffee Catcha sits on top of the portafilter. When grinding, the coffee grinds fall down through the Coffee Catcha and into the basket. Any coffee grinds that would usually end up on the bench/counter (from clumping, static or over filling) gets funnelled into the basket. The Coffee Catcha works with both manual and electronic grinders. 

manual dosing

How it works: Overfill, scrape off excess grinds into grind chamber then tamp. Get the same flat surface & dosage every time.

electronic dosing

How it works: Set the timer to dose the quantity you want. All the coffee falls directly into the portafilter giving consistent weight and therefor a consistent dosage. Either take the Coffee Catcha off to tamp, or tamp through the Coffee Catcha. 

Note if dosing above 18g - you may need to set the grinding time at slightly less time than usual as you won't be loosing any coffee grinds. 

the coffee catcha works with all grinders

Dosing with the ek43

dosing with the k30

Dosing with the Mazzer E

Dosing with the Mazzer (a comparison with and without the coffee catcha)

Dosing with a manual Compak

Dosing with A Manual & An Auto Compak (a comparison between both)

The Coffee Catcha works with Most Coffee Machines

Coffee Catcha - 58mm (Standard)

Most machines including: La Marzocco, Synesso, Slayer, Nuova Simonelli, Vitoria Arduino, Rocket, Vibemme, Wega, San Remo, Breville (professional models), Astoria, Faema, La Cimbali, Orchestrale, Rancilio etc.

Coffee Catcha - 54mm (Small) * NEW!!!

Most machines with smaller baskets including: La San Marco, Della Corte, La Spaziale etc.