The Coffee Catcha ensures that you have consistent coffee quality across your accounts / cafes. It also helps your customers become more efficient - this is something that all businesses love of course. Many roasters (and trainers) are training new baristas (or their new accounts / cafes) with the Coffee Catcha as part of the routine. The Coffee Catcha just makes sense when it comes to best practice barista training.


We love using the Coffee Catcha. We train all of our accounts with it and give it to them. Of course we know that wastage is important to them, but it also helps cafes that have lots of different baristas serve a consistently dosed coffee which is important for our brand in the market.
— Richard Reed, Co-Founder & Director of Coffee, Nude Espresso (London UK)

An Example of training customers

Using the Coffee Catcha on both a manual and automatic grinder.