How to Increase Coffee Quality Consistency Using the Coffee Catcha

There is an art to correctly dosing espresso. And even more of an art to correctly dosing consistently. You know when you head to a café and receive a perfect coffee, so you order another - and it’s weak or perhaps bitter, or just not right?That’s more often than not the result of underdosing or overdosing the portafilter. Baristas often mistake underdosing (or overdosing) the portafilter for the grinder needing adjustment, when this is simply not the case. Once the barista has dialed in the grinder, it’s all about grinding a consistent amount of coffee into the portafilter for every single coffee and only tweaking the grind setting when significant changes occur (eg. a new bag of coffee or environmental/temperature changes). A coffee needs to be correctly dosed to ensure the shots are running well and the coffee lives up to its flavour potential. Consistent dosing is needed to keep customers happy and coming back!

The Coffee Catcha ensures the correct dosage of coffee is dosed consistently into the portafilter. Read on to find out how the Coffee Catcha should become part of your café’s routine.

How It Works

The Coffee Catcha ensures a consistent dose of coffee is funnelled into the portafilter through with every dose. The unique design fits around the top of your portafilter basket, ensuring it catches all of the grinds you are using for the coffee. Without appendages like the Coffee Catcha when grinding/dosing, coffee grinds are liable to fall out of the portafilter, creating mess and wasting valuable coffee. The catching system also ensures that your dosage is consistent and not under or over dosed, with the results being the perfect coffee every time you make one.

Benefits of the Coffee Catcha

The benefits of using these handy little gadgets speak for themselves. The outstanding effects of the Coffee Catcha are being felt around the world, with baristas adding this professional dosing tool to their coffee making process  and using them every day.

Benefits of the Coffee Catcha include:

●        Eliminate Wastage: Wastage has long been a problem for cafes around the world. Now, with the Coffee Catcha, you don’t have to worry about losing coffee and therefore, profit. The unique system literally acts as a catchment, funnelling in all of the coffee each time you dose.

●        Creates Consistency: You won’t have to worry about ever under or over dosing your coffee again, as the Coffee Catcha allows you to measure the perfect amount with each brew. Simply place the Coffee Catcha to the top of your portafilter and grind the correct amount of coffee in – every time.

●        Stops Mess: Any barista knows the pains of having to clean up ground coffee from around the machine. It gets everywhere. Luckily, with the Coffee Catcha, you don’t have to worry about cleaning those annoying grinds anymore. The Coffee Catcha simply catches the coffee and funnels it through to make the perfect brew.

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